This is a part of a song I wrote, which I recorded myself at home.

Wrote it quite a while back. It’s about human relationships and how we are so capable of causing pain in so many ways. Sometimes it seems like we can’t win; either we don’t love somebody enough, or we love them too much.


We always lean

Too close

And we always hold

Too tight

And we always try

Too hard

And we always learn

Too late

And we always run

Too far

And we always look

Too high


And we always dream

Too big

And we always dig

Too deep

And we always wait

Too long

And we always mean

Too well

And we always love

Too much

And we’ll never know

Just what we could have been

Oh hold me close

Hold me close

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Crawling through this maze

Search for her always

All throughout this place

Candles, lights, they blaze


Their enchanting flames

Engulf her with praise

That I can’t see her face

That I don’t know her name


Oh where’s my love?

Where’s the one?


A song I wrote.




My heart aches

With the thought of

Losing one like you


Life’s paths are

Always moving,

Intertwining through.


I have mine,

You have yours and

These are only two.

You have so much more work to do.


Where would I be

Without you?

Oh I know, I know, I know

It can be so hard

To let go.


Time travels

Down this river,

Has no warning signs.


It must move.

It’s not yours or mine

To hold on to.


These moments

They were ours

And they will last on all through the days

In the mind

Of their maker.


Where would I be

Without you?

Oh I know, I know

It can be so hard

To let go.


And He saw our every move

And He loves you like I do

And all the days we ever shared

He holds them in His arms.


Oh no.

I think I believe you now,

How all things pass through time.

Oh no.

I feel like I need you now,

But I’m leaving it all behind.


I’ll be listening

To the One who sends,

To he One who breaks and mends;

He calls you out there

And then he calls me too,

Back into the dark.


Oh lend me something

To relieve me

Of this anxious heart.

I’ll let you go now;

I’ll find it somehow.

It’s always been there.

It’s always been there.