God the Blasphemer: the Death of Jesus

Why did Jesus die? To take the punishment for our sins, of course. But did you ever wonder: how did God plan to achieve this death? What strategy did he need in order to make it happen?

If it was God’s wrath that was poured out on Jesus on the cross, why were any humans involved in his execution at all? Could Jesus not have called all of Israel to gather atop a hill for God himself to reign down a purely divine, public execution?

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The questions we’re all asking.

These are strange questions.

Would you love me if I wasn’t as impressive? Would you love me if I wasn’t as smart? Would you love me if I wasn’t on top of things in my life? Would you love me if I hurt people? Would you love me if I really caused some pain? Would you love me if I was immature, if I lacked wisdom, if I didn’t know what I was doing, didn’t know who I was?

These are strange questions. But they are the questions we’re all asking.

Only now I’m asking them consciously, desperate for the answer to be yes.


Pride isn’t the same as arrogance.

Pride isn’t the unattractive character trait for the rich and the intelligent.

Pride isn’t as conspicuous. It lurks in the depths, underwriting all kinds of vice.

Pride is the thing that makes you feel like you’re better than someone because they are arrogant and you are not.


(written 24th July 2010)