You say that only agnostics are truly ‘skeptical’ as it is they alone who will challenge any positive claims on the matter at all. You seem to be implying that atheism makes a positive claim, but this really isn’t the case. As atheism makes no positive claim, why can’t atheists be just as skeptical as agnostics?

Atheism does make a positive claim: it makes the claim that God doesn’t exist.

There is a difference between lacking a belief in something, and positively believing that something doesn’t exist. Atheism is the latter, while non-theism is the former.

Babies are not atheists because they don’t actively deny the existence of God; they just don’t have an opinion on the matter at all. Now, God is often compared by atheists to unicorns. Most of us actually positively believe that unicorns don’t exist. I think it is childish wordplay to say “I only lack a belief in unicorns; I don’t have a belief that they don’t exist.” When we talk to kids about unicorns, we say “unicorns aren’t real.” We don’t say “I don’t possess a belief in unicorns.”

Atheists, like everybody else, have a viewpoint. They have an opinion. It’s really a simple issue which I think a lot of people try make more complicated than it is.

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