The questions we’re all asking.

These are strange questions.

Would you love me if I wasn’t as impressive? Would you love me if I wasn’t as smart? Would you love me if I wasn’t on top of things in my life? Would you love me if I hurt people? Would you love me if I really caused some pain? Would you love me if I was immature, if I lacked wisdom, if I didn’t know what I was doing, didn’t know who I was?

These are strange questions. But they are the questions we’re all asking.

Only now I’m asking them consciously, desperate for the answer to be yes.

Is it true that the only way to stop loving someone the wrong way is to start hating them?

Maybe only then can you learn to love them all over again, the right way.

But surely there is a higher path.

The narrow and windy road contains not a moment of hatred on it.

But it is narrow indeed.

Therefore, if we recognise the great and precious things which are given us, as Paul says [Rom 5:5], our hearts will be filled by the Holy Spirit with the love which makes us free, joyful, almighty workers and conquerors over all tribulations, servants of our neighbours, and yet lords of all.

Martin Luther – Freedom

‘Crimes of the Heart’ – Immortal Technique

These are my indictments
To those who claim to be righteous,
And leave a trail of broken hearts on their way to enlightenment.

But I cant give into hatred or pass judgment,
Even towards every illusion I’ve been in love with.
‘Cause the heart that betrays itself willingly
Is like a nation that trades freedom for stability.
Its so seductive to be cold and corrupted and isolated, trying to be an independent republic.
But liberty, to be loved on the surface is worthless;
The sacrifice of revolution with no purpose.

Take it from a criminal searching for his redemption,
Cursing at God desperately trying to get his attention.

What is it to be free?

It is a question of who’s in control. The World thinks that we will be free when we’re the ones with autonomous self-governance.

But the Bible teaches that to be controlled by our self is to be in slavery, and to give control over to God is freedom.