It’s hard. It’s complicated to reconcile a God who works through pain. It’s tough to trust in a Lord who allows suffering and inconvenience. It’d be a whole lot easier to mindlessly promise myself that Jesus always wants to make life easy, but I don’t think that’s how He works.
If anything, Jesus uses dark colors when He paints. He’s into streams in the desert and life out of death. Just take one good look at the cross and that ought to convince you that the God the Bibles speaks of is a God who uses horror and injustice to His advantage.
The cross is evidence to our minds, and balm for our souls that our God is a God who brings beauty out of pain. Art out of chaos. Beauty out of ugliness. Or as some of the poets have said, He conquers death by death itself. Our Redeemer beat Death at his own game.
Hope rises.
When we trust Christ, and the mysterious work on Calvary, we trust that He’s always up to something good even in the darkest days. In fact, that’s probably when He’s up to the most good, because that’s when the most good grows in me.
So hey, I’m delayed, I’m uncomfortable, but if this is the path the Lord has brought me down, then I say, “Don’t stop it Lord.” Redemption was born on a far darker day than this one, so bring the chaos. Bring the madness. Do whatever you’ve got to do to recreate my heart. After all, it’s me that needs to change, not my circumstances.

Mike Donehey (via glorythief)


No such thing.

There is no such thing as a holy man that doesn’t extend compassion to the hurting and the broken.

No such thing as a holy man that holds grudges.

No such thing as a holy man who does not love all impartially and unconditionally.

No such thing as a holy man who stands idly by in the presence of corruption and malice.

No such thing as a holy man that seeks his own fame and glory.

No such thing as a holy man who lets his friends hurt people.

There is no such thing as a self-serving holy man.

Emeli Sande – My Kind Of Love

Cause when you’ve given up,

When no matter what you do it’s never good enough,

When you never thought that it could ever get this tough,

That’s when you feel my kind of love.


And when you’re crying out,

When you’ve fallen and can’t pick your happy off the ground,

When the friends you thought you had haven’t stuck around,

That’s when you feel my kind of love.

The word of God draws people closer to God, and consequently closer to each other, and consequently again, closer to God.

All of Christian ministry is the practice of making people friends with God, and friends with each other.