Where is God’s love?

Sometimes you come to a point in life where, unlike other times, you truly struggle to see evidence that God is at work in your life. You go through a season that really doesn’t make sense, where things truly go wrong, and everything is in chaos and ruins. You pray for certain things to happen and they don’t come to pass; you ask God to defeat obstacles, but instead more obstacles come.

You look back to times in the past where you could see God’s answers to prayer. You remember times when your life was a testimony to God’s providence and protection. But now you can’t see it. You look everywhere for the trails of God’s miracle-working power, his sovereignty and order over your life. But everything you see seems chaotic and un-orchestrated – if not orchestrated against you. Your suffering comes from all sides and feels completely senseless.

And you say “God, where are you? Why don’t you show yourself? Don’t you love me?

It is at this point that you learn something about God’s love. If the evidence I look to to show whether God loves me is that I can see his hand at work in my present life and circumstances, then I am looking in the wrong place.

God showed me more love than I could have asked for when he gave up his Son for me, to die on a cross, to bring me from death to life. God’s present acts of deliverance merely hint towards a truth that was proven once and for all, two thousand years ago. The love God shows me through his answers to my prayers in the present pales in comparison to the extravagance of the love that my Jesus expressed to me when his body was pierced, and crushed, for my sins. How could I question God’s love?

The Cross is how I know that God loves me.

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