What are friends for if not to get involved in your troubles, making your problems their own?
I’d rather a friend who is recklessly eager to solve all my problems, than one who doesn’t care enough to try.

New youtube video I just made today!

John Mayer Trio – Come When I Call

A bit of piano blues for you all.

It is a basic error, to assume that Science and Religion are trying to do the same thing, fill the same role, answer the same questions. There is no competition between them because they are playing different games.

How Liberal Christianity Made Me More Conservative

As we walk through life, we change in all sorts of ways and for all sorts of reasons. One of the most important ways we change is in our worldview – our understanding of the world and everything in it. Our answers to life’s biggest questions can be reshaped several times throughout life, and to varying degrees. When people go to university, maybe more than any other time in life, they often find themselves radically reinterpreting the world, how it is, and how it should be.

The following is an intellectual partial-autobiography, of how and why my views on certain things changed: namely, my view about the Bible. This is the story of how I changed from a Christian with liberal inclinations who had a low view of the Bible, into a Christian who would submit his entire worldview to whatever the Bible says. And all because I ran into the views of radical pluralistic Liberal Christians – not because I reacted emotionally against liberalism, but precisely because the liberals had good arguments.

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