There are many who would want to make peace by ignoring our disagreements and differences. But what kind of peace is this? Peace based on a lie. Ignorance of difference has never worked in marriages or in friendships; why should it work in society?

It’s easy to get along if we pretend we’re the same, but “get along” is all we will do; on such a premise there is only so much we can talk about before we have to hold our tongue lest we expose some difference between us. We can only go so deep, only grow so close before some dissimilarity is revealed, before the lie of our sameness loses its plausibility. We will “get along”, but we will not come together. No, peace founded on a lie either cannot last or cannot be satisfying.

What good is it to be peaceful only where there is agreement? Children can achieve that. Real peace can only happen in the blatant face of disagreement, where differences are fully acknowledged. Where two people can be utterly aware of all the ways they disagree. Where they are intimately acquainted with each others failings and peculiarities. They are united not by similarity, but by love.

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