If it takes Creation, then that which a person does will subsequently have meaning. The question is, though, does God in Himself have meaning? And how?

Don’t understand the first sentence.

Obviously God doesn’t have a meaning in the same sense that we do – there is nobody above him to give him a meaning or purpose. Does that make God insignificant? No. On the contrary, the very reason that God doesn’t have a ‘meaning’ is because he is sovereign over everything, and it would require something more authoritative than himself to have a meaning.

Does God need to have a meaning in himself in order for him to be able to give us a meaning? No. He simply needs to be all powerful, which he is. God gives us meaning because he is the one who created us, and from our point of view, he is of ultimate value to us. God in himself is entirely self-sufficient. Any purpose he has is one that he gave to himself.

If God doesn’t exist and give us meaning, then our lives are for absolutely no reason. And if in our lifetime we deceive ourselves into believing we have a purpose, once we’re dead, none of it will matter.

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