#patheism #atheism #noreligion (Taken with Instagram)


Wow. What a perfect way to phrase it. Pearl Buck says this as if she is proud of it, but being so captivated by the world that one cannot think to have anything to do with God is, in the Bible, the very heart of idolatry.

Pearl Buck’s phrase here is a stunning example of just how differently atheists and Christians view the world.

For the atheist, the statement is one of the utmost virtue: the universe is objectively amazing! We should be so aware of its majesty that we needn’t conceive silly notions of the supernatural.

For the Christian it is the most classic of all sins. The universe is wonderful, but precisely because it reflects the glory of its creator. And Pearl S. Buck has exchanged the infinitely captivating creator himself for his finite creation.

Rather than grasping the reality, she reaches for its image in the mirror, and she comes to wonder why she can’t be satisfied.

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