I was just thinking tonight, for what purpose is God’s gracious gift to us of righteousness? To what end is righteousness a means?

Does our right standing before God make us eligible for his blessings? Does it send forth his angels? Does protect us from harm and suffering? Should we value our righteousness because it makes us worthy of all the gifts God has to give us?

No. It must not be so for us.

The gift of righteousness must be to us an end in itself. It has to be valuable to us simply because of what it is. It must be a treasure that we cherish and embrace.

For to be reconciled, to be restored, back to someone you love is always a cause for immediate joy. The fact that we have wronged our God, that we have treated him with malice and contempt, must grieve us to such an extent that to be made right with him again is the most precious gift we could ask for.

Do you love the gift of righteousness?

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