I have posed this question to Christians MANY times and as of yet I have never gotten a response addressing how they can believe both Jesus was sent to redeem sin and evolution. Science and religion just aren’t compatible on many levels and this is one of them.



This is a display of astounding ignorance.

If evolution is true, then either Genesis 1-3 are false, or they are allegorical.

People have thought Genesis was allegorical since centuries before anybody ever thought of evolution. From a purely literary standpoint, a metaphorical interpretation just makes more sense in my mind. These chapters are a poem, afterall.

Also, to say that if the first people didn’t eat an apple then Jesus had no reason to die on a cross is ludicrous. Whatever way you interpret Genesis, there is no denying that there is evil in the world. The Genesis account explains evil, but surely the writer of Genesis was not trying to convince anyone that evil exists. Everybody knows it does. People do bad things all the time and you don’t need a creation narrative to tell you that. Biblically, Jesus died as much for our individual sin just as much as he died for any notion of “original sin”.

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