Before you can become a good leader, you must be a good follower.

A good leader will be someone who has the humility to align themselves with the purposes of their leaders throughout their season of discipleship, someone who has the patience to withhold their desire for authority until their time comes to assume it, and the faith to trust that God will never lose control.

They do not obey their leaders because their leaders are competent; they obey them because they understand the seasonality of life, that for everything there is a time – a time to lead and a time to follow.

These people are leading their peers in the way they respect, obey, honour, and even trust their leaders.

And these people are empowering their leaders to lead with freedom and strength. When a leader knows they have the trust and support of their team, they are liberated to take their team in the direction that they think is best for the team, uninhibited by uncooperation. They become one body with one purpose, and in their unity they are able to achieve it, whatever it is.

When followers don’t support leaders, nothing is achieved.


If you find yourself attempting to override the judgement of someone in authority over you with your superior wisdom, ideas and methods, you are not yet leadership material.

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