Forgiveness isn’t merely something you need to do on occasion.

Forgiveness is a lifestyle. Forgiveness is a posture; it is simply an attitude towards people.

How do you convince a pack of idiots that they are idiots? How do you use reason to convince the unreasonable that they are so?

The Sword

The sword can make people do many things.

For fear of death, people will be coerced into all kinds of action, since they value few things above their own life.

The sword can persuade entire peoples to vacate cities.

The sword can persuade people to offer up all their possessions.

The sword can persuade people to do heinous things – to steal, to lie, and even to kill their fellow man.

The sword can persuade people to do great things – to act justly to their neighbour, to follow good laws and customs, to adhere to peace and order.

The sword can persuade people to walk where you tell them to walk.

The sword can persuade people to speak how you speak.

The sword can persuade people to pray how you pray

To kneel how you kneel

To bow to whom you bow to

To preach what you preach

But the sword can never convince people to believe what you believe.

For a person’s beliefs exist within the sanctity of their own mind, and may not be effectually touched by blade or bullet. The enforcement of doctrine has not been entrusted to war, nor to legislation, but is reserved solely to the office of discourse.

There is no risk of exaggerating the significance of love. And if we fail to understand all of our responsibilities, and all of God’s actions, in light of, and in terms of God’s love, then we fail to see the whole point.