Conversations with “Friendly Atheist” (Part 1)


When atheists grow out of likening God to unicorns, believers will start listening. Until then, they are only reaching an audience of themselves.

When believers actually explain why belief in god is any different from belief in unicorns, atheist will stop using the argument. Only kids reject a position because they find it distasteful. Just because they don’t like the comparison does not mean it is not true or accurate. Until believers can show there is a difference they will continue to waddle in the uncomfortableness of their own delusions.
In reason:


See, Mr Atheist, to a whole lot of other atheists, you’ve made me appear an idiot. Nicely done. And that’s a commendable number of reblogs.

But to any experienced Christian, you shown to us that, like so many atheists, you’re just not listening: just because you have not been convinced, doesn’t mean we haven’t given you arguments. That’s because YOU are not the final judge of truth.

Just because an argument doesn’t convince YOU, doesn’t mean that anybody who is convinced by it is deluded – the negation of which is basically your entire foundational premise your whole “unicorn” argument. Because if you actually pay attention, and honestly listen to a serious Christian apologist as he talks to you, you will hear arguments that actually appeal to reason, while no-one has ever even attempted to convince me, at least, of the existence of unicorns.

See, I am a Christian. And, make no mistake, I do find atheism to be an absurd world-view that is riddled with holes and shortcomings. But despite my disagreement, and despite the fact that atheistic arguments have failed to convince me, I can (though sometimes with difficulty) understand how they might convince some people; even intelligent people.

But lately I am continuously plagued by atheists around the world, on the internet or in literature, who are spreading this gigantic myth – that there is NO evidence for God, that only a deluded person could believe in God. This is arrogant, wilfully ignorant, and narrow-minded down to the core. Seriously, it is one of the greatest travesties of human intellect I’ve ever seen hit the bookshelves, yet it is astonishingly widespread.

See, there does exist a class of atheists who notably exceed the likes of you and Dawkins in intelligence and academic achievement. I’ve met some of these, and they’re the kind who hear Dawkins say “there isn’t a shred of evidence for the existence of God” and feel embarrassed to call themselves atheists. These are the atheists who have managed to understand that this topic has not been settled, that the top scholars of the world are still disputing the existence of God, and that there are at least decent arguments for both sides – none of which are conclusive!

I’m not going to list the arguments that demonstrate the difference between belief that we have a creator, and belief that there are flying horses with horns. That’s not my purpose here, because these arguments have already been made, and you know they have. You just seem think that their inability to convince YOU disqualifies them as arguments of any merit. That’s a mindset that requires tremendous intellectual arrogance – and that is not just an attempted put-down; only say it because I honestly and regretfully believe it.

I just want to challenge you to consider carefully what I have said. I’m not trying to battle you with arguments so there’s no point in trying to battle me. I just, like you, have a passion for the Truth.

Friendly Atheist: When atheists grow out of likening God to unicorns, believers will…

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