Lines of Truth.

Something I’ve realised in my cerebral wanderings is that everything we perceive is originally and ultimately caused by the Truth. That is to say that there is some line that runs from an objective reality all the way to that which we perceive, and that this is one continuous, uninterrupted causal line, which never deviates from the Truth.

What am I saying? I’m saying that when you fall madly in love with a friend, and you’re trying to hide it, everything about the way you act will be ultimately and originally caused by this very truth that you’re trying to hide. You will try to control your body language, your conversational style, your texting frequency, to make it appear as if things are normal. But really, the precise way you act towards her is as a result of the truth: you’re in love with her. There is a line whose origin is the truth – “Jack loves Jill” – which passes through several other truths, such as “Jack doesn’t want Jill to know he loves her”, all the way until its final destination – Jill’s perception of Jack’s actions.

While Jill may, by Jack’s performance, be lead to believe that he is not in love with her, what she sees is not the universe in contradiction. It is not the case that one thing is true, and the universe is behaving towards Jill in a way that contradicts that truth. What Jill sees is in fact directly the outcome of a particular series of relevant truths. And interestingly, if she were to look hard enough, and follow the lines, she would be able to detect these truths.

This is a fundamental principle of history, and especially science (though not necessarily one that is consciously acknowledged). And it has served us in our scientific endeavours throughout time. Once we saw that the Earth appeared flat, so we came up with an explanation: the Earth is flat. But somebody realised something was wrong. The Earth appeared to be flat most of the time, but sometimes it seemed to behave differently. Now we have the explanation that the Earth is round, and revolves around the Sun. But the important fact to realise here is that the Earth doesn’t precisely look flat. It actually looks round. It looks exactly the way it should look being the massive spherical object that it is.

In some sense it does seem like the universe was misleading us humans, because at first glance, the Earth appears to be a way it is not. But you must realise that between ancient times and now, the way the Earth presented itself to us has never changed. Everything we saw the Earth to be was always caused by its roundness from the beginning. That line originating at the truth, and meeting us at our perception here in the 21st Century, is the same line that met the eyes of the ancient Greeks. Neither the truth nor its outward manifestation has changed. All someone had to do was look harder, and find and follow the true line.

My point is that if everything we are experiencing is caused by the Truth, then the Truth is reaching us. These causal lines as they meet us do not come from nowhere. They are not born of falsehood, but of Truth. And if there is a line that I can touch, that originates from the Truth, then it is possible for me to find this line’s starting place. It is possible for me to find the Truth.

I’m saying that the Truth is not locked away, and though it is sometimes distant, it is never disconnected from us. It causes everything we see.

The universe is not misleading us. The Truth is not running from us.

This is a principle I have chosen to put my faith in.

Because of this, I know that if something is true then I can test that truth to its limits; that the universe will always behave in accordance with what is true; that for everything I perceive there is an explanation behind it.

I know there is hope for the Truth seeker.

But our hope is greater still.

Because in my seeking, I have found that these lines of Truth do not remain idle. They have a direction. They are pointing towards us and seeking us out.

Because I have found in my seeking that there is a Truth Maker. At the heart of all Truth is the one who composed all of its lines and commanded them into their place. And He does not righteously wait for us on His throne – that very point of origin from which all lines extend. But humbly He moves. He traverses along and across these lines in search of us.

No, the Truth is not running from us. It is running towards us.

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