A brief note regarding Beauty.

– Written 15th August 2010

Have you ever gazed upon something of incredible, majestic beauty, only to feel a sense of distress and tragedy? I have. And hopefully I’m not the only one, otherwise everything I’m about to write might fall on deaf ears. But let me explain.

So many times I come across some amazing sight and, despite my captivation, I am deeply unsatisfied by it. Something about it distresses me far down in the depths of my consciousness. Continue reading

On Human Value.

– Written 25th July 2010

What makes a human life valuable? Well. God does.

Not only is it God who does, but it is only God who can make human life valuable.

Let’s slow down.

Let me tell you, there is no such thing as intrinsic value. That is to say that everything that has value only has it because there is something external to it that benefits from it in some way. Value is placed upon something. It is located in the mind of the valuer, not within the thing itself.

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Pride isn’t the same as arrogance.

Pride isn’t the unattractive character trait for the rich and the intelligent.

Pride isn’t as conspicuous. It lurks in the depths, underwriting all kinds of vice.

Pride is the thing that makes you feel like you’re better than someone because they are arrogant and you are not.


(written 24th July 2010)