– Written 19th January 2010


Imagine that you are traversing a land completely unknown to you. You have never been there or heard of it, nor has anyone you know. In fact, the land is totally unexplored and uncharted. You know you are the first to set foot there.

Now imagine that in your lengthy explorations, you encounter a strange community of green creatures. They’re green. They are also humanoid in shape. They are, on average, a similar size to most humans. You might even say that, apart from being green, they pretty much look like humans in all the basic ways like hands and feet. They seem to have male and female with the same gender-distinguishing characteristics as us. Their faces look much like ours, though their noses are generally longer and pointier than ours and they have very small ears. They don’t have eyebrows, but they all have dark blue, curly hair. None of them have any hair anywhere else on their bodies at all, except that some of the women have moustaches. That’s right. Moustaches. They all have dark red coloured eyes, and their skin is a very bold, bright green.

The creatures seem to have language, but theirs is obviously completely alien to you, impossible to decipher and translate at this stage. They even appear to have some organisation to their community but their customs come across as totally arbitrary and flat out ridiculous.

And my goodness, they’re so green!

What a shock it would be to see such a thing.

Now that you’ve imagined this scenario, I ask you this question. Are these creatures human?


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